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Program Management

LHF’s program management services assist you to keep various, interconnected projects in sync, within budget and on-time. We help owners, banks, stake-holders and others reduce the ambiguity and risk in their capital programs. We review the details of all projects, collaborate with you to set-up goals, objectives and a management plan that meets your priorities to manage, control the process, including identify and resolving problems. We will work with you to implement and integrate every facet of each project in the program. When managing an entire multi-disciplinary program, our management service improves schedule, cost and quality. You will benefit from having a single point of management responsibility from concept-to-completion of each project in the program.

Project Management

With so many moving parts and team members involved to coordinate a successful project, it is no wonder that construction projects are one of the most difficult undertakings to pursue, the bigger the project the bigger the risk! Financial stakes being so high, it is critical that every step of the project be managed prudently. As your third-party project manager, we become an extension to your staff, ensuring that your interests are covered and time, cost and quality goals are attained.

Construction Management

When acquired as the construction phase manager, LHF assists you to engage the most qualified construction team to implement your planning, programing, and design with quality construction. Our construction managers will stay in the details on a day-to-day basis so you can focus on other parts of your business. You can have peace and confidence that your project is being managed correctly with your interests being protected. Turning construction phase management over to another conflicted party has too many risks and minimal rewards. Whether it’s meeting minutes, change order and schedule compliance or conflict resolution, we will do the heavy-lifting and tee-up issues for your decision at the appropriate times.

Project Management Oversight

In some instances you may not choose to engage a full service program, project or construction management service. In this case, LHF will consult with you and provide support and oversight services. If you simply need assistance with developing a request for proposal, sitting on a selection committee, constructability reviews, inspections, or a trusted advisor that is only a phone call away – we are flexible and will be there for you! Whether it is scheduling, estimating, program, project or construction management services we have staff ready to support and give you as much or as little oversight as you desire.

Staff Augmentation

Some organizations do not have the internal resources to handle every type of construction assignment. LHF can augment your construction team with specific expertise based upon the unique needs of each individual assignment. We offer experienced professionals that can assist you with time-frame flexibility – if you need our staff augmentation for a few days or several years – we are here for you! We staff virtually any type of project at any phase. Our professionals are results-driven, yet cooperative and flexible.

Estimating Cost Management

A lack of information going in is not an excuse for escalating costs throughout the project. Our years of managing projects combined with cost estimating roots going back to 1968 enable us to dive into the details in developing conceptual, programmatic, detail estimates and change order reviews. LHF’s estimates are comprehensive and all-inclusive, not only construction costs but design, equipment, furnishings, information technology, consultants, land, etc. LHF outlines precisely what is required to run pro-formas and project feasibility analysis allowing you to bring your vision to life – line item by line item. As changes are sometimes required: LHF maintains a current cost database allowing for quick and accurate change order cost reviews. Contractors who know their change orders are reviewed tend to provide reasonable pricing throughout the life of the project. Change happens – at LHF, we’ll see that the change does you good.


Whether you need an early, conceptual schedule to guide the project, or a detailed construction schedule to manage the day-to-day activities: LHF has been providing CPM (critical path method) along with Last Planner pull planning on hundreds of projects. A well-organized and managed schedule establishes the “ground rules” necessary to assure the project is completed on time. Our scheduling clients include owners, but also general contractors that are looking for objective schedule management. Understanding the owner’s perspective helps general contractors develop and manage schedules successfully and gain repeat business.

Constructability Review

In today’s fast moving world of construction, when terms like “shovel ready” seem to be everyone’s objective, it is important to remember that the design team is still responsible for giving direction to the construction team. Too often, a design is put out for bid before it has been put through a rigorous “check” process to make sure that it can be built in a way that will meet the owner’s objective without incurring excessive change orders. PCI’s professionals have lead large constructability review programs, which have prevented costly change orders and delays in construction – let us lead this effort in digging into the details before the shovels hit the ground.